Acts 1:12-26

Today’s devotion is written by Kacie Tartt…

This set of verses finds the apostles heading back from the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem and making the climb; likely weary, to the room where they were staying. They continued to gather and pray as a group, a group that included women and even Mary, Jesus’ mother.

After a few days, and a meeting of believers, Peter, citing scripture, indicates it is time to replace the missing one, Judas Iscariot.

This is done through prayer, demonstrating that they, the early church, recognize God’s sovereignty where this decision is concerned. Of the two men proposed, lots are drawn and Matthias joins the remaining eleven.

Drawing lots certainly seems random where such a large decision is concerned. We have to trust that God is sovereign. Surely from the betrayal to the choosing of Matthias things were not methodical or perfect by our understanding and perception of “the way things should go” in life, and, yet, God continued to work through the circumstances.

God will do this in your life too! Trust that God is at work even through difficult, confusing, inconvenient, painful, etc., situations in your own life!

How can you feel confident in this promise? Talk it out with God! PRAY!

  • Can you take a step towards growing your prayer life? Start by spending a few moments each day praying. Develop a pattern of praying about matters as they come up through the day.
  • Can you grow in your practice of God’s Word? Spend a few moments reading it each day, even just one verse. Ask how God’s Word applies to the particular issues and opportunities that you face.

Please sure your thoughts and reflections!

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  1. I will endeavor to maintain a regular dialog with God.

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