Acts 2:29-35

Today’s devotion is written by Mary Jo Foster.

I chose to sit outside today to read this scripture. As I pause to take it in, I feel a cool gentle breeze, I hear the unusual song of a bird I have never heard before and I witness the incredible beauty of a sunset over the water. God reaches out in an infinite number of ways to connect with me at any given moment.

David had a very special relationship with God. Because David shared what God had told him, the early apostles were able to talk about how Jesus fulfilled his promises. Jesus truly was the ”Messiah, the one who would not be abandoned to the realm of the dead, whose body would not see decay, who would be exalted to the right hand of God.” I just imagine David must have been a great listener. I also think he must have been someone who looked for God’s signs of connection and took time to pay attention. While David was not without his own mistakes in life, God used him in such a mighty way.

How is God reaching out to you today?

Could He have an important message you need to share with someone?

Are you listening?

Please share your thoughts, questions and comments.

2 responses to “Acts 2:29-35”

  1. Donna Shortal Avatar
    Donna Shortal

    The photograph you shared is of the spirit. Beautiful, inspirational.


  2. God calls me to share my love for him with others. I do not feel well equipped, and I will do it anyway.

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