Acts 2:36-47

Today’s devotional was written by Melanie Lee.

They had helped. In fact, they had done more than that. They had called
for it, pleaded for it, and refused any replacement for it. These good Jews
who followed all the laws had shouted for Jesus to be crucified. They
surrounded him, spat on him, hurled insults at him. Just the week before,
they had praised his name and celebrated his entrance into Jerusalem.

Looking back, did they realize how their loyalties flipped like flags in the

Standing in the crowd surrounding Peter, they had to face a fierce and
piercing truth. God claimed Jesus as his own. This man they had
persecuted and pushed toward his death was really the promised one, the
savior, the son of God.

What had they done? How could they live with the weight of the guilt, the
remorse, the incredible regret?

And then came Peter. Turn around! Turn away from your past! Turn
toward the truth! Turn toward the one who loves you always and forever.
Repent and be baptized. Receive the gift that God has been saving for
you, the Holy Spirit who will set you free to love, to give, and to serve.
3000 said, “Yes!” 3000 began the church that Jesus promised Peter, his
rock, would build.

As modern-day Christians, we face situations in which our loyalties might
flip away from Jesus. Our society covets wealth and power. The
competition to get the most of both puts things over people and flies in the
face of Jesus’ teachings. God placed Jesus squarely in front of us as our
savior and lord. This passage in Acts pleads with us to turn back toward
God and to receive God’s great saving grace through the Holy Spirit, which
will enrich and empower us beyond anything our human world can provide.

What is turning you away from Jesus?

What do you need to do to turn toward Jesus and to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit?

Please share your thoughts, questions and comments.

One response to “Acts 2:36-47”

  1. I do not feel a pull between stuff, power, etc. in my heart I give what is Cesar what is Cesar’s. I give what is God’s to God. 10% of my time, talent and treasure… realizing this expectation needs more attention. Life creeps in and I forget too often the cross I am meant to carry.

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