Acts 3:1-16

Today’s devotional is written by Pastor Vance Rains.

For years, my wife and I debated whether I’m a pessimist or a realist. Kelly, my wife, is undeniably an optimist. I’m not that. But, I don’t believe I’m the opposite, either. Rather, I simply see things as they are – reality – no better or worse.

Take the proverbial half-filled glass of water. I’ve never understood the debate whether it’s half-empty (pessimist) or half-full (optimist). It’s a half-filled glass of water – nothing more. nothing less.

I’ll readily acknowledge being the “realistic” guy isn’t inspiring. I recognize this as a shortcoming, especially for a spiritual leader, who needs to inspire others with faith, hope, and trust in the possibilities of God.

In today’s passage, we encounter a man crippled from birth, who was brought on a stretcher, daily, to the Temple, to beg for money. At best, he hoped for the generosity of sympathetic Temple visitors. That was his reality.

Did he ever hope for healing? I doubt it. His handicap was what it was. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But, on this day, the “crippled” man met the Apostles Peter and John, who healed him in Jesus’ name. The man leapt to his feet, praising God. Verse 10 says, the people watching… “were filled with amazement and surprise at what had happened to him.”

That’s what the Spirit does, when we’re open. The Spirit does the unexpected. The Spirit reveals unknown, unanticipated possibilities. The Spirit amazes and surprises.

When the Holy Spirit moves, that half-glass of water just might be a whole lot more than meets the eye. When the Spirit moves, who knows what that half-filled glass of water might become!

Spiritually, are you a pessimist, an optimist, or a realist?

When has the Holy Spirit amazed or surprised you?

Please share your thoughts, comments, and questions.

One response to “Acts 3:1-16”

  1. I go back to a gathering in the back room of a church following the Maranatha choir warm up exercises before our performance that night. It was impressed upon me in that moment that we were more than the sum of our parts, we were more that a choir. The presence of the Holy Spirit was within us. I have never felt the presence stronger than in that moment some 35+ years ago. I am still amazed and surprised by the presence on that particular day.


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