Acts 5:1-11

Todays’s devotion is written by Pedro Jimenez

Peter asked, “Why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and to keep back part of the proceeds of the land? Excerpt from (Acts 5:3 NSRV)

When you tell people you are a Christian, what sort of reaction do you get nowadays? Are you lauded for your presumed faithfulness and loving-kindness, or are you primarily associated with the murder of Indigenous peoples, racism, homophobia, sexism … etc?

Time and time again, the Christian Church often sides with the satanic worldly systems of oppression and shirks our obligations to help the oppressed. We rob from individuals created in the image of God and thus also rob from the Holy Spirit. Despite our theft and repeated transgressions, should we be shocked at how the worldly powers that once entertained us now have no interest in helping lick our self-inflicted wounds?

Saint Peter invites us to consider the following:

What would a society that viewed the Church with fear/awe look like? [Acts 5:11]

How are you tempted to align with the oppressor rather than the oppressed? [Acts 5:3]

We welcome your comments and reflections.

One response to “Acts 5:1-11”

  1. Miguelina Magdanz Avatar
    Miguelina Magdanz

    The people that I usually defend are the homeless. When I try to explain it is not their fault to become homeless and how easy it is for anyone to become one of them, the reaction I get is% that they are drog-adits and don’,t like to work. Must of those people are Cristian Church going. I get so frustrated. Are we really Jesus’followers or just Church goers?.
    Excuse my English!!

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