Acts 5:27-42

Today’s devotional is written by Suzanne Gifford.

Peter and the apostles were defiantly bold when challenged by the Pharisee council. In spite of verbal abuse and physical floggings, they moved forward with constancy, sharing the news of God’s grace through the life example of Jesus. How can we, as followers of Christ, possibly measure up to this?

My last few years  of teaching, I worked for a principal whom I believed to be a true servant leader. Kindness, honoring the work and worth of children as well as teachers, giving generous support and encouragement, were part of the work he did on a daily basis. Wanting to tell him how these affirmations were a constant source of inspiration, I gifted him with a delicate metal  angel on which were inscribed words from Mother Teresa, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” The same angel hangs beside my bathroom mirror as a reminder. This elemental idea can be a potent challenge to us in our day-to-day living!

Alleluia! Come, Spirit, come.

If everything we do matters, how can we focus on our actions, big and small, so that others feel the presence of the Holy Spirit?

How can we intentionally practice more loving and faithful behaviors every single day?

Please share your thoughts, questions, and comments.

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