Acts 8:26-40

Today’s devotion is written by Marsee Perkins.

When I was young, one of the most popular TV shows was a soap opera titled “The Guiding Light.”  Today’s verses called this title to mind.  In them, we encounter an Ethiopian eunuch sitting in his carriage at the side of the road reading and trying to understand the words of the prophet Isiah.  Fortunately, the Spirit sends Philip to the man, and by sharing his knowledge of the good news, Philip is able to guide the eunuch’s understanding so well that the eunuch is baptized at the end of this chapter.  I found two key takeaways in these passages.  The first is that no matter where we are in life, whenever we are having trouble understanding our spiritual path, the Spirit will provide someone who can help us move forward in our journey.  This guiding light might be someone we already know or a complete stranger, but even when we are in a situation in which we are seemingly on our own, help with be offered.  The second, and possibly most important, takeaway is that we have to be willing to accept this guidance when offered.  It would have been so easy for the Ethiopian man to brush off Philip’s inquiry.  After all, most of us are hesitant to admit when we don’t understand anything and many of us are shy in accepting help from others especially in an area so personal as our faith.  But the reality is that everyone goes through periods of confusion in their faith journey, and there is no shame in getting help during these times.  The greater regret would be in rejecting guidance and remaining stuck in our bewildered state.  In this story, while the eunuch never sees Philip again, he “went on his way rejoicing.”  In my imagination, as he continues his journey, he too stops periodically and serves as a guiding light to others.  May we all be willing to both accept and serve as guiding lights. 

What are you struggling to understand in your faith journey?  Who might serve as your mentor or “guiding light” to help you move forward?

Who around you might be struggling with their understanding, and how can you make yourself available as a “guiding light” to them?

Please share your thoughts, questions and comments.

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