Acts 9:32-43

Today’s devotion is written by Julie Mitchell.

In Acts 9:32-43, we encounter a theme in the New Testament: the practice and witness of miracles.  In the course of Peter’s travels, he first encountered Aeneas who had been in bed eight years – paralyzed. Peter addressed Aeneas by stating, “Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and make your bed!”  Aeneas immediately jumped up. As Peter traveled along, he was made aware of a woman named Tabitha (known for her good works) who had died.  Peter knelt and prayed in front of her body, “Tabitha, get up.” And, she does.

Miracles are divine in nature as they transcend what we perceive as normal, natural law. There is a wondrous design to them. In Acts 9, Peter engages in two forms of miracles: demonstrating divine healing of a physical body and power over death.  Peter’s miracles cause many to believe, and he remains with the people to continue ministering to them.

Miracles performed by the apostles served a very important purpose: to authenticate their message that Jesus was the one, true Lord and Savior. Jesus came to save sinners and to restore our relationship with God. Peter’s acts are symbolic of the love and mercy that God has for us. 

How do you define a miracle?  Does your definition limit or allow for your ability to witness miracles in today’s world?

What miracle has been bestowed upon you in your life?

Please share your thoughts, comments and questions.

2 responses to “Acts 9:32-43”

  1. Margaret Nordstrom Avatar
    Margaret Nordstrom

    Several years ago, when I was starting to get my spiritual house in order, I was getting guidance from a friend who was trying to get me to go back to church. i was resisting this as I had very bad experiences in the church I grew up in. He asked me about the churches in the town in which I live, I said “Absolutely not”, and then he said “What about Ocean City?”, Ocean City being the town where we have a summer home. He said,” There’s a new church in the center of town you might try.” I agreed, and it turned out to be a really good fit for me, just what I was looking for. Several months later I was telling him about some of the sermons the lead pastor had given, and he said “How did you find out about this church?” I said “You told me” to which he replied “I couldn’t possible have. I don’t know anything about Ocean City.” This is the closest thing to a miracle in my life. I believe that God spoke to me through my friend.

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