Acts 12:18-13:3

Today’s devotion is written by Melanie Lee.

This portion of Acts reads like a quick-paced, albeit disjointed, movie scene.  In the previous verses, Herod had put James, John’s brother, to death and imprisoned Peter.  Angels had helped Peter slip out of jail, and Peter had gone to the home of his friends to tell them about his miraculous escape.

Today’s scripture begins as Herod is finding out about his soldiers allowing Peter to escape.  The soldiers paid with their lives for letting Peter go free. Herod puts on his best clothes and goes out to woo the crowd.  The people claim he’s a god, not a man, which Herod does not dispute.  As a result of not giving God the glory, Herod gets struck down, is eaten by worms, and dies.

The next line is a bit of a surprise.  “But the word of God continued to spread and flourish.”  What??  In the midst of this scene of death, God enters in and offers hope.  In spite of the terrible persecution facing the people of The Way, they persevered and continued to be the hands, feet, and voices of God in the world that needed to hear the Good News!

God overcomes.  God wins the war.  God provides hope and saves those who need God most.  We need to understand that God has no limits.  God wins, always.  It’s the timing that we have a problem with!

When have you seen God’s love flourish in the face of adversity? 

How have you been called to spread the Good News so that God’s love flourishes?

What are your thoughts, comments or questions?

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