Acts 16:6-15

Today’s devotion is written by Nancy Peed.

Acts 16:14   One who heard us was a women named Lydia. from the city of Thyatira, a seller of purple goods, who was a worshiper of God. The Lord opened her heart to give heed to what was said by Paul.

It was the Holy Spirit who sent Paul to Philippi, and it was the Holy Spirit who opened Lydia’s heart to receive Paul’s message.  And the Holy Spirit was present when Lydia and her household were baptized and welcomed Paul and his companions into their home.  Thus, Lydia became the first European convert to Christianity and her home served as the first European church.  We are all the inheritors of her faith and strength.

The name Lydia has entered the urban street language of today.  A “Lydia” is a person of strong character who is brave, loyal and kind.  She walks humbly before God and nurtures others.  Although a “Lydia” is a more of a secular person, she can still serve as a Christian example for us today.  She represents the person drawn to understand and worship God and one who freely gives of herself for Christianity.

Who do you know that is a “Lydia” in your life, freely helping others and providing strength?

How can you be a “Lydia” for others?

Prayer –  Dear God, lead us to a life of service to others.  Help us, like Lydia in Philipi, to open   our hearts and homes to support those who follow You.  Give us strength to be firm in our faith. Amen

Please share your thoughts, comments and questions.

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