Acts 19:1-17

Today’s devotional is written by Mike Perkins.

Paul’s discovery in Ephesus of disciples still waiting for the appearance of one to come after John the Baptist tells me that we need to actively seek God’s love and direction.  Once baptized by Paul, the Holy Spirit came to them immediately. They found the joy they were seeking in the instant that they were baptized. We should be more active in seeking to find God in our everyday lives, and not wait passively for Him to come to us. God’s love is there for us –  we need to open our hearts to it and find the joy that awaits us as the Holy Spirit comes upon us.

Verses 11-12 tell of Paul’s miraculous healing powers, that even small towels and items that touched his skin were taken to the sick to cure disease.  In today’s world we often take for granted the kind word or gesture of someone attempting to, in some small way, help make our day better. 

How many of these tiny miracles of human interaction do we allow to pass each day without reciprocating them to others? 

How many opportunities do we have every day to spread the healing power of God’s love to those around us, even with the most simple actions? 

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