Acts 23:12-22

Today’s devotion, and the next two days, are written by Debby Manuel.

In the next three days we will read of Paul in the crucible. He faces a severe, searching trial and is in prison. So much of this text reminds us of Jesus’ time facing the Romans. As explained by John Dominic Crossan, “Paul wanted to take back the world for God and he wanted all of us to join him”.

Today’s verses begin with Acts 23:12. “The next morning some Jewish leaders formulated a plot and solemnly promised that they wouldn’t eat or drink until they had killed Paul.” Paul’s nephew hears of the plot and warns him. Paul sends him to the commander of the centurions who orders that Paul be moved in darkness to Caesarea.

In this painting of Paul in prison by Rembrandt what do you see? Do you see fear? What does Paul do when he finds himself in the crucible?

As you read about Paul in the next few days reflect on how the spirit of God is with him. How does he respond?

When you face a severe test how do you respond?

What are your thoughts, comments, questions?

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