Acts 23:23-35

Today’s devotion is one of three written by Debby Manuel. The first was yesterday, today’s is the 2nd, and tomorrow’s will be the 3rd.

Paul has been moved to Caesarea, the seat of the Roman governor where we hear a familiar theme. The controversy is an intra-Jewish one, not a Roman one. And the local authorities seem puzzled. Acts 23:29 “I discovered they were accusing him about questions related to their Law. I found no charge deserving of death or imprisonment.”

How does Paul continue to respond to this trial in the crucible? In the verses so far we do not hear his voice. There are others protecting him, taking him to safety and questioning his trial.

What do we see in these verses Acts 23: 23-35? Is this a political controversy or a religious controversy or both?

Think of a time when you faced a threat. How did you respond? Is there evidence in your life of others protecting you, supporting and caring for you? Did you feel the Holy Spirit through them?

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